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Welcome to RedTail Design!!!!   

 I have handcrafted deerskin leather pouches and handbags for over 39 years.  Designs on this website are of my own creation, using the finest quality deerskin for all projects and designs.  It is my desire and intent to be of service to you for all your leather pouches, handbags and custom designs. Blessings!!!!

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Huntress Bag (White Deerskin Shown) Click on image for more information.

A little history of the leather pouch.  Through out Native America, leather bags were used by many nomadic tribes to carry all their belongings, since everything they owned was taken from Summer camp to Winter camp. 

Like many Native American peoples and being of Chumash descent, deerskin is the leather I prefer to use.  All my pouches are hand cut and laced. The fringe is cut one by one giving a very unique and flowing style.  All my  leather pouches are handmade without the use of glues or machines.  Each bag is unique as each hide is different, making each pouch one of a kind and having a very natural look.  It pleases me to be of service to you on your spiritual journey or if you just need a beautiful leather bag. 

Redtail Design holds an SSL Certificate verifying security of who we are and being a secure website.  When entering a webstore check for the https, which means your in a secure environment.

For all correspondence, please mail inquiries to, RedTail Design, PO Box 1084, Sunland, CA 91041 or call toll-free at (818) 618-3363. 

Thank you and be kind to our Mother Earth who supports us in all we do!!!!  Blessings and we pray that we will be blessed with another year of creativity in 2011. 

click here to enter my secure webstore  and use paypal!